Ebikes, part of the solution to the climate crisis

London, UK – 16th December 2020 – Axon Corp proudly announces their Axon Rides range of folding ebikes that are kind to the environment, your health, and your pocket.

Whilst the world enjoyed a bit of a breather in the early part of the year as traffic fell to record lows during the lockdown, life is slowly returning to normal. As we inch ever closer to something resembling how things used to be, levels of traffic and congestion are rising. We all know this isn't good for the environment, but for many, commuting is a necessity. Our cities are organisms, and transportation is the lifeblood that nourishes the organs of the economy to enrich all of our lives.

Axon Rides - Ebikes to help with climate change

A tale of two cities

We need to get our cities moving again in a way that's kind to the environment and helps to preserve our planet for future generations. One man made this his mission. Farhad Golkarihagh founded Axon Rides to provide foldable, portable, and comfortable electric bikes to bring a new method of movement to our cities.

"I've spent most of my working life around and travelling between Tehran and London," says Farhad Golkarihagh CEO of Axon Corp.

"Though wildly different culturally and architecturally, these cities share two things in common: congestion and pollution. I've always been surrounded by the noise and heat of transportation systems that are bursting at the seams, and electric bikes are the answer".

The clean, green transport revolution?

Axon Rides electric bikes are powered by an efficient electric motor with a formidable range of up to 48km. The faster charging time means the environmental impact of an Axon Rides ebike is limited. But we don't just have the health of the environment to consider. Our hearts and lungs are just as important. Little bursts of activity are a great way to boost fitness, and Axon Rides electric bikes make it easy. They're foldable, and a simple, safe mechanism means they're unfolded and ready to go in just ten seconds.

When folded, they're compact and weigh only 14.5kg. This small size holds one key advantage over conventional bikes- security. Bike theft is on the rise due to the ever-growing number of cyclists. Unsurprisingly, this presents a buffet of opportunity for thieves. Even a robust lock is no defence against a pair of bolt cutters in practised hands. That said, even the most experienced bike thief is unlikely to turn cat-burglar and break into a workplace to steal a folded Axon Ride out from under the owner's desk.

Electric bikes are here to stay

Folding Ebikes

They're a practical, clean alternative to private cars and public transport that will help make us fitter and preserve our planet for future generations. The new range of Axon Rides electric bikes will lead the charge of change with their comfortable, portable, and foldable design.

Phil Bacon of Bacon Marketing says, "Farhad came to me with his product and said, you need to ride it to appreciate it fully, and he was right. During the preparation for the launch, I spent the day riding around London on one, and I could really see the appeal for both commuting and leisurely weekend rides."

If you'd like to try an Axon Ride, Fahrad and his team make it easy. Every Axon Ride is backed by a 30-day no questions asked returns policy, and the technical team are there to give you the advice you need to enjoy your ride.

About Axon Corp

Founded in 2018, Axon Corp has brought Axon Rides to market to make ebikes more affordable without sacrificing quality.


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