Be kind to the environment, ride an E-bike

Here at Axon Rides, our mission is to be kind to the environment. With our foldable E-Bikes we aim to provide an innovative alternative to the pollution of modern-day transport. We are proud that our E-Bikes are helping tackle the pollution crisis faced in our cities and are constantly working hard to make an even bigger impact, for example our packaging and displays are made from recycled cardboard.  


Not only are our E -Bikes an environmentally friendly way to travel, but they are also practical and fun! If you haven’t been converted to the E-Bike life already, here are 7 ways that riding an E-Bike impacts the environment: 


E-Bikes run differently than other types of powered transportation. E-Bikes do not release carbon emissions into the atmosphere, they are considered zero-emissions vehicles and run-on clean energy. They are a great way of preventing the pollution that engulfs our cities. 

Long lasting batteries 

Reducing waste is vital to reduce one’s carbon footprint. A benefit of riding an E-Bike is they produce little waste. Their batteries do need to be replaced as often; they can also be recycled. The best part is, unlike car batteries, they do not contain lead therefore do not harm the environment. 

Eco friendly 

An E-Bike is up to 6 times more efficient than riding a train. Not only is it good for the environment, riding an E-Bike provides you with freedom to travel without a schedule. They also reduce congestion on the roads.  

Greener charging 

The average E-Bike requires only 10% of the energy needed to operate a standard car. Which means they are using less non-renewable energy resources, therefore are better for the environment. 

Lighter on roads 

Riding an E-Bike is also better for the lifespan of the roads than heavier vehicles which damage roads overtime. Which in turn need road repairs which use heavy, polluting machinery. 

Cut back 

Most E-Bikes can cover 20 – 30 km on a single charge which is ideal for typical car journeys i.e., Work. This allows you to cut back on car use, and reduce your carbon footprint. Axon Rides cover up to 48Km from a single charge.

Explore nature 

An E-Bike encourages you to get out more, it allows you to explore places you’ve never seen before as it is an easy and portable way to travel, no need to find a parking spot! This is even easier with our lightweight, foldable E-Bike. 


Not only do E-bikes help the environment, but they also have amazing health benefits. Just as riding a bicycle promotes a healthy lifestyle, an E-Bike is an easier way to achieve this lifestyle as pedal assists helps you get through those tough parts of your journey such as hills. Riding an E-Bike helps you reserve your energy so you can easily incorporate your workout into your day, without being exhausted. 


Try out our foldable E-Bikes now not only to save the environment, but to find a new healthy way to travel.