The Health Benefits Of An E-Bike

How good are E-bikes for your health? 

It’s pretty well known than cycling a normal bike is great for your health. They get you where you need to go and they offer a fantastic workout. Gyms even offer static bikes for cardio and muscle training. But how good are E-bikes for your health?  With an E-bike, you don’t technically need to pedal and even when you do, it’s assisted. But E-bikes are surprisingly just as effective as a normal bike.  

Great for your physical health 

E-bikes are perfect for commuting and urban exploring. They are lightweight and foldable so are easy to take on a train or into the office. Meaning, you can get in your daily exercise before you even get into work. An hour on an e-bike can burn over 500 calories! 

This healthy workout regime will burn fat and build muscle, reducing your risk of illnesses, such as heart disease and diabetes. You are pumping blood around the body, working your heart and lungs and increasing your overall energy and stamina. You will be fit and energised ready for your work or school day.  

Excellent for muscle training 

What muscles do you actually work when using an e-bike? All your leg muscles are the obvious ones. These are your Calf muscles (Soleus, and Gastrocnemius) and your Thigh muscles (Hamstrings and Quadriceps). Lucky for you, you are actually working many more muscles throughout your body. These are your Gluts/Buttocks (Gluteus maximus, Medius, and Miniums), your Arms (Biceps, and Triceps), Shoulders (Deltoids) and your feet (Plantar flexors, and dorsiflexors). That’s a full body workout from your E-bike! 

Improves mental health 

Working out is great for your mental health.  A ride on your E- bike will release endorphins, also known as the “Pleasure hormone” throughout your brain, improving your mood. Regular exercise is known to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, improve your memory and even your social life.  

Improves Sleep 

Cycling also gives you more energy to burn through throughout the day, increasing your brain activity. This increase in energy will tire you out later in the day, meaning it’s easier to fall asleep. The earlier you fall asleep, the more time you get in bed.  The more time you get in bed the more energised you feel the next day. It's a win win! 

Gets you out in the sunshine 

Despite the British weather, we do get some sunshine and who doesn’t love sunshine? You feel the warmth on your face, which is always great to put you in a good mood. However, the sun gives you that all important Vitamin D. This is vital for healthy bones, teeth and muscles. Just be sure to put on the sun cream if it’s too sunny.  

Access to fresh air  

Being outside, no matter the weather is great for breathing in the fresh air. So, cycling outside will open up your lungs and give them a good clear out. This is especially needed during Covid where you can be stuck inside in places with bad ventilation and stale any other odours that have built up over time. Cleaner air, increases the oxygen in your blood, improving cleansing and tissue repair, so you can heal faster and digest food easier.  

Trying out an E-Bike 

Here at Axon, we have stores that supply our range of E-bikes all across the county. Axon Bikes are lightweight, foldable and affordable. Offering the perfect bikes for commuting and urban exploring. To find a bike that fits you, you can book demos to try out our E-bikes at your local supplier. 

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