Folding Bike Lock

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Perfectly complement your Axon Rides folding electric bike, with a folding lock, to deter and stop potential thieves. Keep your bike locked and secure wherever you go.

Lightweight and easy to carry in your bag or on your e-bike. 

Product Features

Product Specification

Height 8cm
Width 6.5cm
Weight 695g

Designed to be

Our electric bikes have been carefully designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Ease of use, durability and reliability come together to create a safe and fun transport solution for your future.

Fast and Stylish

Swiftly get from A to B without feeling tired and sweaty

Train Friendly

Easy to fold and carry on and off public transport getting you to where you need to go

Folded Under a Desk

Compact size means it is easy to store in the office and at home

Light to Carry Around

Weighing just 14.5kg, the compact form can by carried like a briefcase

Powerful electric motor

High speed, efficient motor for longer distances & less energy consumption


The frame is built to make your ride an enjoyable experience

Unique & sleek shape

designed to be seen

Made with you in mind

20 essential Features For a better Riding Experience


Let’s save our cities

The future is now. We must act to protect the environment not only for future generations but also our own health. It's time to change the culture and work towards a new method of movement.

why we ride

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