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Best Foldable E-bike for beaten tracks and private properties.

Compact and minimalist design with a simple folding mechanism, the Axon Pro is the ideal choice for explorers looking to take their folding e-bikes off the beaten track with its uprated motor and hydraulic disc brakes, these features make the Axon Pro-S. Perfect for the adventurer. 

-This product is available in the UK 

-Free delivery to your door in 5 working days 

-Two years warranty Product registration required

-Professional retail and after-sales service network

-30-day return policy

 Due to having a twist and go control, which is illegal to use on a public road, pavement, cycle lanes or bridleway, these E-bikes should only be ridden on private land with the permission of the landowner. Learn More

    Product Features

    • Compact - easy storage whether at home, in the boot of a car or on a train
    • Quick - get your bike ready in less than 10 seconds
    • Lightweight - High tech magnesium alloy frame makes this one of the lightest electric bikes on the market
    • Single-speed - Simple, low maintenance and lightweight single speed gear complement the compact wheels and powerful motor.
    • Display - Choice of Simple LED battery indicator or LCD display with backlight, ride data and variable-assist level
    • Magnet system - Innovative magnet system keeps the compact fold secure without the need for additional clips or latches
    • Powerful braking - Mechanical or Hydraulic disc brakes give strong stopping power in all conditions
    • Integrated accessories - Built-in horn, front and rear lights, easily operated from dedicated buttons on the handlebars

    Product Specification

    • Weight - 15 Kg
    • Max Speed - 15.5 mph / 25kmph
    • Electric Motor -  250W
    • Wheel Size - 16 inch wheel - bead seat diameter iso size 305mm
    • Tyre - 16 x 1.75 with Schrader valve
    • Electric Assist - 3 levels of pedal assist
    • Battery indicator - LCD Display
    • Gear - Single Speed
    • Disc Brakes - Hydraulic
    • Battery Capacity - 36V - 5.2Ah (Lithium-Ion battery)
    • Battery Range - Up to 25 Miles

    Designed to be

    Our electric bikes have been carefully designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Ease of use, durability and reliability come together to create a safe and fun transport solution for your future.

    Fast and Stylish

    Swiftly get from A to B without feeling tired and sweaty

    Train Friendly

    Easy to fold and carry on and off public transport getting you to where you need to go

    Folded Under a Desk

    Compact size means it is easy to store in the office and at home

    Light to Carry Around

    Weighing just 14.5kg, the compact form can by carried like a briefcase

    Powerful electric motor

    High speed, efficient motor for longer distances & less energy consumption


    The frame is built to make your ride an enjoyable experience

    Unique & sleek shape

    designed to be seen

    Made with you in mind

    20 essential Features For a better Riding Experience


    Let’s save our cities

    The future is now. We must act to protect the environment not only for future generations but also our own health. It's time to change the culture and work towards a new method of movement.

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