Getaway, away away.

Imagine this, you are miles from anywhere, it is peaceful, quiet, but you need a pint of milk. It is a beautiful day, but the shop is 5 miles away. You don’t want to uproot your pitch and risk not having it there when you get back.
Axon Rides Folding E-bike to the rescue! With pedal assist up to 15mph, that 3 hour walk has just turned in to a leisurely 40 minute cycle, seeing the countryside,
take in the town and back again ready for a cuppa. All models have the same powerful 250w motor that gets you where you need to be, when you need to get there.
The fun doesn’t end when you finish your getaway, your Axon Rides folding e-bike is there for you every day, making life a little bit better one pedal at a time.

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    Axon Rides Fit In
    The Most Compact Of Motorhomes

    Axon Rides Fit In
    The Most Compact Of Motorhomes


    At only 15Kg and 76.5 x 64 x 25cm when folded, the Axon Rides folding e-bike is the perfect motor home accessory. Ideal if you don’t have a built-in garage. Get out and explore the local area when you have pitched up and let the adventure begin.


    With a 250w motor, up to 7Ah battery and 3 levels of pedal assist, you can go out all day, explore the area and still make it back to your home on wheels ready for dinner. At the end of the day, just pop the battery on charge and off you go tomorrow.


    Max Speed:

    3 levels of
    pedal assist

    188 & 252 Wh

    Up to 30 miles

    2 year