Urban Travel Joins Axon Rides

We are really excited to announce that Urban Travel has joined the Axon Rides family.

Who are Urban Travel: We believe there has never been a better time to invest in yourself by riding towards a more sustainable future with an ebike or scooter. Our mission was created by like-minded enthusiasts who want to help change the way we navigate our towns and cities. We ensure that we work with brands that we believe in, so rest assured that each product displayed on our site is one that we believe you will love.

Why AXON: 

"The sleek design of the bikes was the first thing that caught my eye and encouraged me to pick up the phone to speak to AXON. But after meeting Farhad in person and test-riding the bike, we were convinced that AXON would be the perfect brand to work alongside. The bikes are light to carry, easy to fold and come at a great price – the only hard decision to make is which colour to buy!

Their experience and range of services compliment Axon Rides ethos of trying to get people out of their vehicles and out onto the street, exercising in short steady bursts and creating a new surge of people wanting to get fit and be kind to the environment.

 Electric bikes are here to stay, they are a practical clean alternative to using your car or public transport with the added benefit of you getting fitter".


Urban Travel have a fantastic range of AXON RIDES accessories.